T9LTE IoT Tracker | Including Mounting & Magnet Kit


T9LTE is an IoT tracking device for long-term tracking and monitoring of assets and equipment globally. It is built on advanced sensor technology, and it features the low power network technology LTE Cat-M1, long battery life, easy installation, and a robust casing.


T9LTE is a unique IoT product featuring the low-power communication technology LTE Cat-M1. It typically offers 7 years battery lifetime based on 1 position/day. The robust casing is suited for all industrial environments and all-weather conditions with an operating temperature range from -30°C to +85°C. T9LTE provides global connectivity of any asset, both powered and non-powered equipment, and entire fleets. It is primarily designed for heavy industries like transport and logistics, construction, wind power, rental, and theft protection and recovery.

T9LTE transmits data to cloud-based management software that provides complete visibility and predictive analytics. It gives insights on the location, performance, and status of assets and equipment. Transmissions can be set at user-fixed intervals, for example twice per day, and if specified events occur. Devices out of data coverage will log sensor input until coverage is available again. The built-in 3-axis accelerometer will trigger accurate data on motion, shock, tilt, and utilization, while other sensors track temperature and light.

Available external wireless RHT and RFID tags offer humidity sensors and additional temperature data. A flight mode feature suppresses radio transmissions to ensure safe conditions during flight. Positions are acquired by GPS or via mobile network triangulation if GPS is not available. A built-in radio beacon can be activated for close-range locations.

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