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About Us

We are Navigator Maritime Services – located in Egypt with further partners worldwide, adopting new thinking and pushing for positive change in our industry, own more than 15 years of maritime experience and consist of experts-knowledge from working in the Suez canal and keep learning everything about the maritime industry.

Our company was officially established in 2007 offering a comprehensive maritime service such as mega yachts builders - yacht brokerage - chartering vessels and agency services maintenance for all types of vessels and boats in All Egyptian ports – and worldwide transportation whether with our crew or by our contracted carriers, as well supply and arrange documentations or flag registration

We help you to find the vessel or yacht you're looking for as we offer to sell all types of vessels as well render all information of vessels, owners & charters worldwide, so we are the quick way to your maritime investment!

We offer service after-sales for maintenance, refitting and inspections even can find a charter or a business plan etch we hope to fulfill and satisfy all our client’s expectations and always try to find the road for clients to success by advising them with the best options and quality of the build.

We act as an agent in all Egyptian ports and Suez Canal transit with competitive prices and high standard services

We act as consultant and business development in maritime for our partners and clients, providing solutions for transportation as chartering vessels on voyage and time charter basis as well as manage vessel’s operations and trading process with all required contracts with owners

Our Mission: 

To use our global network to help and assist our partners connect to a smoother, smarter, world.

‘‘We are ready to advise and assist as always with all respect and honesty

At your disposal is Navigator Maritime Service’’

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